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Aquarians have many great traits, as well as a few bad ones that will shape their personality. Aquarians tend to be friendly and honest when they are with their friends. They love to be independent and creative. They are highly intelligent people, but at times they can be unemotional and detached. All of these traits can help to define the average Aquarius zodiac horoscope for Aquarius, you are likely to feel extra passionate this year with your partner. You will feel more romantic and charming, which can easily draw new people towards you.

When it comes to your current partner, your spontaneous nature will bring some fun and excitement into your marriage relationship, which is sure to spice things up a little bit.

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  • Read about dating an Aquarius. Take this in-depth four elements personality quiz to understand it.

    Aries (March 20-Apr. 19)

    If you are single, then you should go to some new places so that you can meet new people. You are much more likely to find romance with new people rather than with your friends. Also, you are likely to be more emotional around your friends and family this year. You are simply more likely to feel more comfortable around these groups of people. There is no need to keep appearances up around the people you know you well. Feel free to be yourself. This is also a good year to have a baby.

    Do You Have Good Karma?

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    • Try The Karma Quiz Now!! Astrology predicts that you are likely to succeed and change in your work this year. You will need to work with your coworkers more this year. Also, try not to be impulsive at work. This is a place of business, a place to be serious. Aquarius, you will need to make some adjustments to act more professional if you want to advance in your career in What is money to you?

      This will be a trivial question for you this year in Aquarius, you will have enough money to pay your bills and pay off some debts. You should be able to buy nearly everything that you want to. While this is fun and good, do your best not to fall into debt because of it. However, your peace of mind is ensured after the first half of the year. During this year, an excellent compatibility will occur with the Libra, Pisces, and Cancer natives.

      You will rather want to stay away from Taurus, Scorpio, and Aries natives.

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      April is the month of grace , and Venus will make them have a great time, enjoy life, smile and win hearts at first sight. You are attracted by beauty, art, entertainment, this is why they need to fully take advantage of everything has in store for them. Therefore, be careful with whom you share your feelings and who you trust because you never know if that person is truly your soul mate.

      Anyway, you must learn how to relax and how to take advantage of the time spend with your friends and family, especially now around holidays. Those of you involved in a stable relationship have no reason to worry. May, October, and December are the most romantic months for you.

      Horoscop 2020 pe zodii - Momente cruciale - cu Camelia Pătrăşcanu

      The most compatible zodiac signs with the Cancer native in love relationships are: Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, and Pisces. Cancer, the most sensitive sign of all zodiac, desires love, family and stability.

      17 february gemini horoscope 12222

      And they can get all these from the same water sign. The Pisces natives will overwhelm them with their devotion, the Scorpio is extremely attentive when they are loves, while the Cancer knows how to love with passion. Taurus and Virgo can be other good options in a love relationship, these signs offering the Cancer the stability they need, although it might be a bit too hard to take all the criticism of the Virgo or the coldness of the Taurus. Uranus has been in the house of your career between March and April and during these seven years, it brought tumultuous and contradictory evolutions in the professional life.

      The Full Moon that occurs on May 18 , will bring you new ideas of making money. Now, the majority of them have excellent business ideas, but not the necessary funding to put these ideas into practice. Ox and Tiger were pushed back to second and third. Despite his protests, Tiger could only settle with being the third zodiac. In Chinese culture, tigers are seen as the guardian of children.

      Infants and babies wear shoes and hats with tiger designs to protect against evil spirits. Recent years of the Tiger are: , , , , , , , , Tigers are kind and benevolent.

      Scorpio 12222 Horoscope: March 12222

      Animals, jazz music or other things that call for imagination are good for them. They rarely feel tired and have rich emotions. Sometimes though, they make brash decisions and are hard to control. But no matter how many difficulties or obstacles they face, they will never give up. In the end, Tigers live an average life—there are times of joy, sadness and sometimes disappointment. Men born in the Tiger year are adventurous spirits. The riskier something is, the more they want to try it. Sometimes their confidence makes it difficult to connect with others, so they need to open up a little.

      They are positive and have high beauty standards. However, they lack romance and might create a cold and unhappy family. Women born in the Tiger year are mesmerizing.

      They love the freedom to express themselves through fashion and work. They are lively and friendly, like a little cat. However, they keep their claws sharp just in case.

      February 26th, (Wednesday): Birthday, Zodiac & Weekday

      Intelligent and patient, they are able to perform well in any environment. They also make great mothers by giving children freedom and respect. As a Tiger, they are most compatible with Pigs. Both of them will see the other as most important and are willing to make sacrifices whenever needed.

      They are able to be themselves in this relationship and similar goals make up for differences in personality. Their relationship will include mutual respect and support. Hard on themselves and others, a Tiger will only reveal their gentle side to the honest Dog. They will also encourage the Dog to go after their goals and withstand the troubles together. A Monkey and Tiger have clashing personalities. They want and need different things. This relationship can only end in arguments. The relationship will be full of suspect and coldness.